Designer. Developer.

Jacob Cruz

About Me

It began in 1998

My first site launched when I was just a middle school student. It was an online fan site for Dragonball Z. During its final years, just before the domain spider bubble, it evolved into a website grossing over 5,500 unique visitors @ 200,000 pageviews/hits daily..

Since then on my free time, I've dabbled with, and improved personally on, different programming and scripting languages-- having created various useful applications for different software platforms, reverse-engineered and studied website hacks and viruses, and written browser applet scripts.

Now, over a decade later, I continue by developing websites for clients like you. For me, it's not just a job. It's also an ongoing hobby and passion. I've since managed the websites for my hometown, my college town, for businesses, online publishers, and more. My web design work and graphic have been separately announced in local newspapers from time to time.

Building Websites

When building websites I use XHTML and CSS, along with Javascript, jQuery, and PHP to write cross-browser, SEO-friendly code. I admire standards, usability, and anything open-source. I test in IE7-9, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Chrome.I push my challenges to make sure they work on Smart Phones.

I have experience with FTP, .htaccess, cPanel, MySQL, and PhpMyAdmin. I can even help with getting a host, setting up material you already have, tweaking graphics, etc. I've had experience building content management systems, from scratch - for clients, customary to their needs. I can setup proprietary brand CMS systems (Joomla!, WordPress, etc.. ) I've also repaired WordPress databases, and disinfected WP sites from well.

With fun and functional technologies at my disposal, I'll do my best to give you the features that you need.

Designing Websites

I take on multiple roles in website development, as both developer and designer. In addition to coding, which is my primary specialty, I've also enanged the front-end of web development for enhanced user experience. Recent work has allowed me the opportunity of creating web applications over standard websites, putting me on the front-lines of end-user interfacing.

From clean and minimalistic, to grungy and quirky, I'm willing to expand my design skills and try just about anything. I strive to teach myself, and my goal is to improve my knowledge of user-oriented interface design.

My experience with designing and coding layouts is improving everyday, and I'm also very interested in mastering CMS themes. I'm also interested in mastering the maintenance of CMS systems I haven't developed.

Social Branding

Aside from traditional websites, APIs are extremely useful for creating custom social networking landing pages, integrating not just the social network, but also the viewer into YOUR website. They're an effective way to either brand yourself or extend your brand, say on Facebook, and to professionally greet visitors to your page(s). And now, with Facebook Timelines, you can add a custom banner image to the top of your profile to really personalize yourself with the world.

I also make custom background graphics for Twitter,Youtube channels, and Myspace Pages, as well as other social networks. A custom, quality background can make either a more enjoyable experience for visitors and customers.

Need something else? Myspace marquee? Ebay homepage? Etsy banner? If its covered under my skillset, I'm sure I can definitely help you with those, too!

Graphic Art & Design

I had an interest in pencil illustration in my youth. While that was replaced mainly with technology as I grew older, I've found that digital graphic design allows me to hold onto that passion.

  • Photo manipulation & retouching
  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Art
  • Business cards
  • Social Networking graphics (ex. Facebook TimeLine, MySpace marquees, Twitter backgrounds)
  • Desktop/Mobile device wallpapers

Feel free to ask about anything else!