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Just as each website design is different, the cost of the website will be different. The cost will depend on the requirements and proposed functions of your website.



Do you need just an informational site?
Did you plan to sell and/or accept payments for products or services online?
Are you looking for someting simple, no bells or whistles? Or did you want immense graphics or something like Flash implimented in your project?
Do you know if your site will require any web programming such as PHP, MYSQL, etc.?
Considerations like these must be taken into account when preparing a quote for your web site design project.


Turn around time on website projects depends on client workload, but is usually within a couple of weeks depending on your web site requirements.

In certain projects, time sensitivity may be an important factor and I recognize this. When I prepare web site design quotes, I try to provide some sort of general time frame to complete your project.

Remember, everyday that you wait to get your web site online, your competition is making sales that might have gone to you!

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